Why Brothers Give, in their own words

When alumni give, they are making a statement about their commitment to Sigma Nu and its impact. Everyone has their own WHY for becoming a donor. 

Here are some personal testimonials from these generous donors to inspire all of us to do our part. Thank you to these Brothers for their contributions and for sharing their thoughts:  

“In memory of some fine men like Robert M. Ryan “Buzz” best man at our wedding who passed over 10 years ago and Donald P. Sheehan another fine man with a brilliant financial mind always ready to share his ideas. Plus to thank Beta Rho for giving me the opportunity to know men like Dick HartmannDan EvartsAlan SchneiderDon DelaportDick BrownBloor ReddingPaul JansenPete BeckerPaul MooreTommy Johnston, and Jack Manning. But, importantly too so that other young men just coming into the Chapter might have the same opportunity to develop these life long bonds. Bonds that, to me, I hold very close to my heart and I will take to my grave. I kid you not , my Brothers, I think of these men almost every day.” – Theodore Adams

 “When I was Treasurer of Sigma Nu, I remember getting a small check from John Tremba (a recent grad) asking that it be used to provide extra bacon at the next breakfast. It struck me that John cared enough about the frat to want to do something nice for the brothers who came after him. I feel the same way – I enjoyed my time at Sigma Nu and wanted to support the next generation of brothers.” – Dave Riddell ’73
“The house and chapter have given so much to me it’s the least I can do to donate a few dollars every month.” – Johnathon Mohr ’04

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