Mitch Zimmer ‘76: The wide variety of people and experiences at Sigma Nu were important to me

“This is how most will remember me for three years,” Mitch Zimmer says.  

Mitch Zimmer ‘76 says, “I started going to rush events because the house offered an alternative to beer, which I did not care for at the time,” he remembers. “Not sure why I thought grain alcohol punch served out of a plastic garbage can was a good alternative.”  

“I got to know the class of 1973 and others, so I kept coming back. From the beginning, I have been impressed with the diversity of the brothers – not today’s definition – but the wide variety of backgrounds, interests, abilities, majors, etc.  The painting, A Serpent a Rose and a Star, depicts this well.”  

“I have also been impressed with the welcome that I and my family have received when visiting the house,” he adds. “When my kids were young, there was always some brother who would find a way to lose to them at pool. Much appreciated.”  

He says that the friendships at Sigma Nu span generations. “In the early days there was Rox and some of his compatriots from around the class of 1922. On my last visit I met brothers from the class of 2022. 100 years of Beta Rho!”  

Zimmer says that “The wide variety of individuals (noted above) and experiences certainly were important to me. The game changer was meeting my future wife at a house function my first week of grad school. Overall, I can’t imagine college life without fraternities.”  

Mitch Zimmer and Jeff Bender.

Tony Bartolomeo, George Andreadis (my roommate), and Mitch Zimmer. 

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